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What we do at e³

The customised communication systems that e3 provides, ensure that yacht owners can experience the highest level of communications, as close to the levels of connectivity they would expect in their homes and company offices.

Fast data links enabling file transfer, video conferencing and of course entertainment, TV, music, films, social networking, browsing and email.

Good communications is essential for yachts owners and guests to enjoy their time onboard a yacht and is often the excuse needed to get afloat.

Smartphones, iPads and laptops can operate just as if they were onshore.

When designing a communication system our main focus is 100% connectivity, performance and cost and in doing so bring together the core components that include our HYBRID portfolio of land and satellite communication connections, data management, data distribution and content including all forms of satellite TV, IPTV and other media. We also include dedicated support, including the ability to monitor and remotely service the systems remotely, wherever the vessel is located.

​total connectivity anywhere.

Simple to use, intuitive connectivity, uninterrupted communication for work and entertainment.

How are we different?

There are other companies that do similar things, however few with the experience that comes with being the original pioneer of VSAT, GSM and data management on yachts and none that can offer the range of best of breed airtime services through to the revolutionary flat satellite antenna.

Being a technology agnostic and independent supplier of telephone, data and satellite airtime means they are not tied to any particular network or technology and as a result offer the best value for the performance.

Innovation Timeline.

Opened 1st Internet cafe in Mallorca. Decoding Weatherfax over RF.
Developed MeteoView weather service.
Developed 1st GSM/GPRS service for yachts.
Installed the first Inmarsat Fleet 77 on a yacht.
Developed Seetrac VHF/UHF tender tracking system.
Installed the first Sea Tel 4003 serial no 001 VSAT on yachts.
Specified 1st yacht specific VSAT service.
Launched 1st Cadiz to Trieste GSM/3G from single provider.
2007 - 2009
Developed 1st data traffic router eDSC.
Development of e3.ARMMS, traffic, monitor & manage.
Working with Digicel to test & launch 4G LTE in Antigua.
Start work with Kymeta on flat panel yacht specification.
Developed e3.IPTV service.
Developed e3.Unite with Viprinet 3G & 4G aggregator.
Appointed as exclusive Global Distribution partner by Kymeta to deliver flat panel antenna satellite solutions to the yacht market

The e³ team

Management Directors