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Kymeta Flat Panel Antennas are revolutionising satellite connectivity. Escape from the constraints of old, heavy, mechanically steered domes by replacing them with innovative technology that can connect seamlessly with your vessel and offer a wealth of advantages.

Flat panel benefits

- High connectivity speeds >100Mbps – limited only by the modem and satellite
- Can be installed to be virtually invisible – enables exciting new architecture
- Future proof – works seamlessly with GEO, MEO and LEO satellite constellations
- Secure point to point connection
- Low power consumption (15W peak for panel, 300W typical for BUC & LNB)
- Light weight (21.3kg)
- Silent
- Free Kãlo airtime for the first year

And that’s not all

- Internet and IP delivered entertainment content on same panel
- Open system for other service airtime providers
- Interfaces with e3 HYBRID land and satellite solution for yachts
- No cooling required
- Solid state
- Virtually maintenance free
- Carry a spare – not a consideration with current technology
- No need for call-outs and annual maintenance visits
- Scalable – combine panels to increase throughput
- Auto acquisition – easy installation

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New satellites, new technology

Worldwide demand for connectivity is increasing rapidly and satellite providers are launching new, Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and high throughput satellite (HTS) platforms. Connectivity that offers faster and more comprehensive global coverage, with access to massive additional spectrum.

Faster reaction times

These new LEO satellite platforms move and are more plentiful than today’s GEO constellations. Current communications antennas, with their heavy mechanical components, simply don’t have the speed or precision to switch to and track a new orbiting satellite without losing the connection each time. The Kymeta flat panel antenna is future proofed to deliver a seamless connection with these platforms.

Light relief

Over 80% lighter than dome systems.
Low power usage, 15W peak for panel, 300W typical for BUC & LNB.
Silent running - no noise, no moving parts, no whining electric motors.

Always connected

This limited access to better connectivity is a problem, especially when the number of in-service maritime units competing for connectivity is all set to reach more than one million by 2022. 3G/4G/LTE isn’t an option on the ocean, so vessels need the right technology to access the best possible connectivity. The easy solution is Kymeta Flat Panel Antennas.

When designing the vessel of the future, it’s about sleek, fast and efficient technologies that complement both design and functionality. Welcome to Kymeta Flat Panel Antennas from e3 Systems.

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