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We synchronize land and satellite connections to provide the coverage the yacht requires whether in port, offshore or mid ocean and can provide 100% connectivity with high bandwidth at a lower cost.

To enable us to specify what you need:

1. What do you want to do when on-line?
2. Where do you want to do it?
3. For how long do you want to do it?

Our job is then to make sure everything works for you.

VSAT (Ku, Ka, C bands)

VSAT is the acronym that describes satellite systems that provide broadband connectivity in almost every region of the world. There are a number of different versions of VSAT that vary by frequency: Ka, Ku and C band. The installation requires a stabilized antenna. The frequency determines the bandwidth, reliability and coverage.

For every yacht that transits oceans and seas and needs broadband, VSAT provides the base bandwidth on which to build the communications solution.

Compared to land systems it is slow and expensive and can be supplemented by using land connections when in port and offshore. There are no publicized monthly data allowances but service providers have different policies that are designed to be confusing.

Our proven and recommended antenna manufacturers for VSAT are Cobham and Intellian.

We provide the airtime using our proven and recommended service providers Marlink (Airbus), Speedcast, ION, Inmarsat GX/FX and KVH. We specify the correct service to suit each yacht’s different requirements.

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L BAND is the name of another satellite frequency that is used by Inmarsat and Iridium to provide true global communications. This frequency is very reliable and Inmarsat equipment has been used for GMDSS distress and safety compliance for many years and has saved hundreds of lives at sea.

The Inmarsat service is almost global as it excludes the Poles. Iridium is truly global. The services include voice and the data services are much slower than VSAT. Realistically they can only be used for email, browsing and small downloads.

These solutions are good safety backup solutions and the Inmarsat C provides the MCA carriage requirement. They are also useful for remote region data connectivity but at slow speeds.

There are a number of equipment options including installed units, portable wi-fi access points and handheld mobiles.

Our proven and recommended equipment manufacturers are Cobham for Inmarsat equipment and Iridium for their own equipment.

We provide the airtime via our partners at Inmarsat Maritime and Marlink (Airbus) for Iridium.


3G / 3G+ / 4G

GSM, 3G, 3G+ and 4G LTE coverage is extensive along most coastlines of the developed world extending out to 10nm offshore in areas of dense population. A recent survey showed that yachts spend 87% of their year within 10nm of the coast.

We have been providing services to yachts for many years and have national services around the Med, Caribbean and the USA using Vodafone, SFR, Monaco Telecom, VIP, T-Mobile and Digicel.

Our unique roaming free data service uses one SIM, one contract, one APN covering 40 countries in Europe and more. Our Caribbean roaming free data Digicel service covers 27 Caribbean territories.

We also combine the service from different SIMs and terrestrial broadband connections into one large pipe providing huge bandwidth with a huge monthly allowance using our e3.Unite system.

In addition it provides direct connection to the Internet from London via fiber, irrelevant of the origination of the connection, an English VPN and very tight cyber security. This is an ideal fast and low cost connection for IPTV streaming.

The bandwidth available is significantly higher than through satellite. The cost can be around 500 times cheaper than satellite for the same bandwidth.

Be aware of limited monthly data allowances. Standard services are limited to a few GB of data per month and then rollover per MB or GB at a much higher rate. Our services have been designed for yachts and we can provide customized monthly allowances up to and over 100GB per month with controlled rollover, they are Bill Shock protected and post pay contract services.

There are many different operating frequencies for 4G LTE in different parts of the world. We advise and specify the correct modems, routers, boosters, cable and antennas to use for maximum performance.

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Terrestrial Broadband

Port wi-fi services have been around for many years and are typically patchy and unreliable. However they are not all unreliable and can provide additional connectivity when in port at low cost so it is important to install the equipment and make the connection to the communications HYBRID system within the yacht.

Our proven and recommended equipment for wi-fi connectivity is YachtSpot.

There are advances in new long range Terrestrial Broadband services that are initially being implemented for the cruise ship industry and are being installed around cruise line ports. We are in touch with this technology and expect to add this to our portfolio of broadband services.