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Your favourite content at your fingertips.

Content consists of TV, media including newspapers and magazines, internet accessed services including social networking and video communications and ship management applications.

A key element of our HYBRID solution is to make sure these are your favourite services, in your own language.


We can provide, broadcast, digital satellite TV (TVRO) and, internet accessed, IPTV services for yachts.

Digital satellite TV (TVRO) requires a stabilized antenna to track the satellite, a signal distribution system and decoders for the relevant programming. The diameter of the dish is directly proportional to where the service can be received. The services are regional and as the yacht moves the service has to be changed. We offer a range of services in numerous languages (English, Russian, German, French and Italian) in Europe and with DirectTV in the Caribbean and USA.

Once outside the region or satellite footprint where the services can be received then we can provide IPTV solutions that provide a similar bouquet of channels wherever you have the internet. Our HYBRID solution provides the perfect infrastructure to receive IPTV. Channels can be received in HD at 3Mbps, standard definition, low resolution and ultra-low resolution at 300Kbps.

IPTV streaming is the future as wherever you’ve got the internet you’ve got TV. There is no need to keep changing decoders as the yacht moves or reprogram AV controllers. We have a time zone catchup TV option such that when the yacht is out of the time zone it can be synchronized to current time.

On average a yacht spends 87% of its life coastal where our HYBRID solution uses faster and cheaper land connectivity, so multiple, simultaneous IPTV channels can be watched at a very reasonable cost.

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In addition to TV we also provide media content in the form of worldwide newspapers and magazines at sea. Our PressReader service allows you to select from thousands of newspapers and magazine publications and print or just read them on a tablet.

With a library of over 4,000 top-tier newspapers and magazines including the Washington Post, Business Traveler, ForbesDaily and Elle France, PressReader gives yacht owners and their guests the luxury of receiving same-day, full-content digital or print editions of their favorite publication from around the world - even before they hit the newsstands.



We provide internet access around the yacht via wi-fi and cabled connections for owners, guests and crew. Everyone can bring their own devices on-boardand each one is given access to a wi-fi network with a password.

We can provide virtual IP addresses for different countries such that the internet traffic breaks out in that country irrelevant of where the yacht is. This means that common sites such as iTunes and Amazon will be in a language you understand and as such movies or books you order will be in that language.

Web filters are available to stop access to inappropriate sites, to services such as bit-torrents that use too much data. Virus protection is also included.

Apart from sites that restrictions have been place on by the IT management team, unhindered browsing, email, and social networking are available. Video communications such as Skype, FaceTime and Google Hangouts are all available. Video and photo uploads use considerable amounts of data so monitoring with data quantity and time limits can be set.

Video and movie download/streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video and BBC iPlayer can also be used but their use needs to be managed on-board as they are huge data consumers.


Ship Management

There are plenty of ship management services that can be accessed using the HYBRID solution via apps, websites or via software installed on the server. A top priority, guaranteed service is placed on these connections.

The HYBRID server is compatible with all the favourite vessel management and planned maintenance software.

  • Machinery remote monitoring and support (M2M) is also supported for manufacturers such as MTU and Caterpillar.
  • Weather data and weather routing information is accessible using apps or websites.
  • Navigation warnings, chart updates, port booking services are also mostly accessed using specific software and apps.
  • The AV systems on-board require dedicated connection and a discrete network for control and then music and movie download management.
  • Software updates for the ships’ systems for virus control, intrusion protection and for equipment updates. The e3.ARMMS system can be programmed to make sure guests and crew are not updating the OS on their laptops, tablets and smart phones when on-board.