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Bandwidth disappearing down the drain?

On a vessel with an unmanaged network guests and crew will come on-board with multiple devices that once logged onto the Wi-Fi will upload and download at will just as if the tap has been left on with your bandwidth disappearing down the drain.

The result will always be the same; an Internet link, which is too slow to use, an upset owner and a powerless captain.


1. Check that the data being delivered to the vessel is the same as that contracted.

2. The ability to pinpoint which devices, users or groups of users are the high consumers and place restrictions on them if necessary.

3. Identify what type of traffic is demanding high bandwidth or is making regular automatic connections such as peer to peer (P2P), video downloads and photo uploading causing data leakages.

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Management & Security

1. Be able to manage the users, devices and type of traffic by setting data limits, time thresholds and limitations on the type of traffic allowed. For example to block Facebook access on the crew network between 09.00 and 21.00 each day or to allocate 80% of the VSAT bandwidth to the guest network.

2. Filter web content to stop harmful, illegal, illicit and inappropriate content.

3. Provide intrusion prevention with inbound and outbound traffic policies with signature based packet analysis and IP blacklisting. It will handle complex networks with multiple VLANs.

4. An anti-virus system that filters viruses and worms from incoming and outgoing traffic.

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Traffic Routing

1. Our latest generation e3.ARMMS system, powered by Kerio Technology, allows you not only to choose which Internet connection is assigned to each network, but it also allows you use 2 or more similar internet connections on the same network. For example if you have two or more 4G connections, and want the guests to share them, simply enable the Load Balancing function and the system will take care of the rest, automatically balancing each new device out of the least used internet connection, all while your crew’s devices are routed over a separate connection altogether.

2. Alternatively, route different data connections to different groups of users on board. For example to route 80% of the VSAT bandwidth to the guest network, 20% to the captain and 100% of the 4G bandwidth to the crew.

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Remote Support

The e3.ARMMS system is complimented by a dedicated e3 Support Laptop. This machine provides an gateway for our remote support engineers to quickly and easily access your critical systems and diagnose issues with Internet connections, Networks, or IT systems without stepping on-board.

Our Support Laptop is able to use any of our HYBRID internet connections made available to e3.ARMMS, even if the rest of the network is offline, giving you peace of mind that dedicated, fast and efficient support with full access to your systems is just a phone call away.

The e3 IT Service Level Support Agreement provides:

1. Monitoring, service and support for all the data connections to the vessel globally.
2. To regularly validate the data performance of the connections.
3. The ability to service a data connection using another data connection.
4. To monitor, service and support the network and IT systems on the vessel globally.
5. To monitor usage patterns and trends, and make recommendations and modify configurations accordingly.

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