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Access, Distribution and Delivery.

After connecting the yacht to the world using our communication connections then access, distribution and delivery of everything from emails to photos is made via the IT and Network system on-board.


Your network is the core foundation of your entire communications system.

In today’s world, everything from sending an email to changing the TV channel relies on your network providing reliable transfer of data both inside and out of the yacht. e3’s line of networks range from simple dependable deployments to full scale enterprise level installations complete with fibre interconnectivity and industry leading monitoring. Of course all of our networks are e3.ARMMS (Advanced Remote Monitoring and

Management System) ready, allowing you complete control over your data use, backed by e3’s dedicated support desk.

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Any vessel conducting office grade business needs an on-board server to handle vital tasks such as access to shared files, email distribution, centralised backups and to control updates to the workstations on board.

At e3 our server designs are clean, elegant, and provide access to advanced features with little or no maintenance required by the crew.

All of our servers are also able to host popular vessel management databases as well as the standard business functions, allowing you to save on precious rack space and complexity.

Our advanced mail systems provide you with seamless access to your emails on all of your devices, regardless of whether you are on board or not.

All of our server designs are individually tailored to the needs of the yacht, and all have the ability to be completely managed and maintained by our dedicated IT staff.

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Looking to upgrade your current systems but not sure of the best path to take?

Our IT staff are experts in their chosen field, and take pride in creating a design that matches your needs with elegance and simplicity, while still providing the industry leading features and performance you have come to expect from e3.

Our senior IT engineers would visit your yacht, audit your current systems, and propose an upgrade path that suits both your timeline and your budget.

Should you choose to accept the system we design for you, the cost of the consultation will be removed from the final invoice. Talk to our sales team today to arrange your visit!

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At e3 we take pride in every system we install regardless of scope or size, and this extends to our support ethos. We believe in creating long lasting relationships based on trust and backed by expertise.

All of our enterprise level servers and networks can be remotely monitored and managed straight from the e3 support centre.

Our Annual Service Contracts give you peace of mind, at a fixed price, while we routinely perform health checks and maintenance on your mission critical systems.

Our e3.ARMMS (Advanced Remote Management & Monitoring System) installation allow us direct access into your network and communications equipment, giving us the ability to support you quickly, efficiently, and with the minimum amount of effort on your part.

Our support systems are designed to allow you to own and operate complex and powerful IT and network systems, without the headache of keeping the necessary personnel fully employed on board.

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