Posted on July 25, 2019

No-one does data like BIG DATA. And the latest addition to the family – BIG DATA ESPAÑA – offers the cheapest 4G data-only plans for yachts in Spain. Prices start from an amazing €0.50/GB and data is available in straightforward monthly bundles with no long-term commitments.


Plan Price per month
100GB €90
300GB €149
800GB €469


BIG DATA ESPAÑA comes with flexible features and is backed by e3’s exceptional customer support. Existing customers on our Spanish data-only plan will be automatically upgraded to our new service.

  • Bundles from 100GB to 800GB/month
  • 20GB/60GB top-ups available
  • Cheapest prices in Spain
  • Monthly contract – no long commitments
  • Free suspensions
  • Free upgrades, downgrades
  • Exceptional customer service and support

Available from 1 August 2019, so contact our sales team on +34 971 40 42 08 or