Posted on November 2, 2017

Palma de Mallorca and Redmond Washington – November 1, 2017: Palma-based e3 Systems and Kymeta – the company delivering on the promise of global, mobile connectivity – are proud to announce that they have been awarded the International Superyacht Society Award for Excellence in Innovation

In early 2017, Kymeta released the world’s only commercially viable electronically scanning flat satellite antennas and terminals, and is now offering the technology for use on superyachts. e3, Kymeta’s exclusive superyacht distribution partner, has been instrumental in bringing the new technology to the superyacht market, having worked with Kymeta for the last four years.

Given to an individual or business that has demonstrated innovation in their endeavours within the previous year, the award was presented to Roger Horner, Managing Director, e3 and Håkan Olsson, Vice President of Maritime, Kymeta, at the ISS Gala Dinner 2017 at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Fort Lauderdale,

“It is a real honour to receive this award from the ISS and I’d like to thank everyone at e3, Kymeta and our partners for all their hard work,`’ said Horner. “I’d also like to offer our gratitude to the owner and crew of the M/Y White Rose of Drachs and S/Y Maltese Falcon for their part in the successful sea trials which have been fundamental in bringing this game-changing technology to market and ensuring that reliable, ubiquitous, mobile connectivity on the water is now a reality.”

This timely award arrives as e3 and Kymeta are jointly showcasing the Kymeta™ flat panel antennas at FLIBS following a fantastic response to the innovative technology at the Monaco Yacht Show earlier in the year. VIPs will once again have the opportunity to see working single panel installations onboard a moving yacht – all made possible by the hard work and professionalism of captains, crew and everyone at Fleet Miami.

“FLIBS 17 heralds a new era of mobile connectivity for the superyacht sector,” said Olsson. “Commercially available to superyachts for the first time, our award-winning antennas and terminals will be bundled with Kymeta’s KĀLO™ internet access services. This first-of-a-kind technology is redefining connectivity on the water and over the coming months we shall see a rapidly increasing number of yachts opting to go domeless.”

To join a VIP tour and demonstration of a Kymeta flat panel installation, register here

About e3

e3 Systems® is a leading communications integrator and solutions provider for the marine industry. The company connects yachts globally through a diverse portfolio of communication systems including its HYBRID solution which synchronises VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. In addition, it provides an extensive suite of services covering cyber security and training, IT support, data management and content provision. e3 is the exclusive superyacht distribution partner for Kymeta communications solutions. The company operates from the Mediterranean and the USA with partners worldwide. It is part of the marine electronics group grupoarbulu.

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About Kymeta

What’s the missing link to connecting billions of people to high-speed mobile access? Antennas. And Kymeta offers the world’s only commercially-viable electronically-scanning satellite antennas and terminals. Kymeta antennas and terminals deliver high-throughput communications for land, sea, and air, making mobile connectivity as available as a view of the sky. Plus, the world’s largest satellite operator, Intelsat, has joined forces with Kymeta to deliver KĀLO global access services that combine with Kymeta antennas and terminals to provide revolutionary mobile connectivity. Without Kymeta mTenna™ technology, connecting and staying connected to all those new satellites while on the move will be difficult, if not impossible.

If it moves, Kymeta will keep it connected. Anywhere.

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