Posted on September 18, 2018

Palma de Mallorca – 18 September 2018: Palma-based e3 Systems, the exclusive superyacht distribution partner for Kymeta™ communications solutions are pleased to announce the commercial availability of the Kymeta™ mTenna™ PLUS and mTenna™ SELECT, which combine multiple flat-panel Kymeta KyWay™ terminals to provide an installation that is scalable and customisable.

The mTenna PLUS amplifies the throughput by combining the receive connection of two to four panels. Each time the number of panels doubles, the gain doubles, which means operating costs fall.

The mTenna SELECT automatically switches to transmit from the most optimally positioned panel. It switches as the yacht moves without losing the connection.

Multiple panels can be placed around the yacht in positions that will eliminate any mast shadows and enable satellites to be tracked anywhere in the sky.

“We are very pleased the multi-panel solution is now available. We have seen this concept developed from the drawing board and we now have working installations on one sailing yacht and two motor yachts. By mounting the panels at an angle, it enables below horizon to over zenith super-fast tracking all around the yacht. The speed of handover from panel to panel is impressive and we have never lost a session yet,” explains Roger Horner, Group MD at e3. “Also, when the panels overlap, there is an increase in gain similar to having a larger conventional dish and the cost of the airtime falls in relation to the amount of overlap.”

“With the Kymeta mTenna PLUS and mTenna SELECT, you get the full benefit of the Kymeta KyWay terminal’s reliable, agile capabilities multiplied across four panels with up to an additional 5.4 dB of receive gain,” says David Fotheringham, Kymeta Product Manager.

In addition to the two sea trial yachts that have now successfully completed their second season, e3 has installed Kymeta panels on eight yachts across Europe and the U.S. and are currently installing panels on a number of new vessels. The panels come with a selection of airtime options and a choice of bespoke mounts, and at the Monaco Yacht Show on 26 September, e3 will be launching a complimentary TV solution exclusively bundled with the airtime.

About Kymeta

The world’s demand for ubiquitous mobile connectivity is irrefutable. A global, mobile network is the answer to connecting people and places that have never been connected before.

Kymeta is making seamless, always-connected mobile communications possible across satellite and cellular networks to deliver a single, global, mobile network. End-to-end mobile communications are delivered with Kymeta KĀLO™ connectivity services, and the only commercially-available, electronically-steered, flat-panel satellite terminal that goes places traditional satellite antennas cannot. Backed by U.S. and international patents and licenses, the Kymeta KyWay™ satellite terminal makes high-throughput, mobile communications possible in cars, trains, buses, trucks, boats, and much more.

If it moves, Kymeta keeps it connected.

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