Posted on August 4, 2017

Sail in safe waters – Protect your networks with e3 cyber security

The security of your IT networks is as important at sea as it is on land. With the yachting world increasingly targeted by cyber criminals, the highest levels of protection are fundamental to your security.

The approval in June 2017, by the IMO, of draft guidelines to include Cyber Security risk management within the ISPS and ISM Codes (both of which apply to all commercial yachts over 500 GRT) will have a direct impact upon all vessel managers, including yacht managers. A date has already been set of January 1 2021, to implement the changes.

This need for compliance combined with the core principle of protecting the owner’s privacy and his/her vessel, have created a new and urgent need for expert expertise.

Secure your systems, train your crew

Strong cyber defences can only be built on a combination of well-trained people and sound policies, underpinned by correctly-configured technology. This means protecting your systems and providing specialist training for everyone on board. It doesn’t matter how secure your systems are, if there are vulnerabilities among crew or passengers, then it’s very possible criminals could find a way into your network.

Security from the experts

e3 Systems has partnered with a leading cyber security firm, to offer bespoke services and a range of monthly support packages to suit all needs. We are working with a cyber consultancy that can count many leading businesses among their clients. Their technical team brings the benefit of several decades’ experience in technology, the intelligence services, information security, international regulations and more.


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