Posted on marzo 20, 2018

To meet the growing demand for Kymeta™ flat panel antennas and terminals, e3 is proud to welcome new Certified Distribution Partners (CDPs) and Certified Installation Centres (CICs) to our global network. Each of these partners brings exceptional experience in the satellite communications sector together with unprecedented knowledge of their local markets.

Our new CDPs are Admarel and Tijssen Elektro in the Netherlands, H&M in Germany, Satlink in the UK, Ubicon in Brazil, and Atlantic Radio Telephone, IMS and S3 in the USA. We also welcome C.N. Sat in Italy and Elnetcom in Greece as our latest Certified Installation Centres (CICs) and Randal Burg in the USA as an introducer. We look forward to announcing more partners shortly.

The role of the CDP is to deliver, design and install solutions with the award-winning KyWay™ terminals from Kymeta Corporation. As part of our agreement, CDPs undergo intensive technical and commercial training under the guidance of the e3 technical team either at our HQ in Mallorca or on site with our client.

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Working with leading naval and interior architects and some of the world’s top yards, Admarel supplies and integrates advanced marine electronics on board superyachts of all sizes.

Tijssen Elektro

For more than 40 years Tijssen Elektro has provided electrical installations on luxury yachts and recreational craft in the Netherlands and abroad.

C.N. Sat

C.N. Sat operates in the field of telecommunication, entertainment and information technology for the maritime market, providing solutions to boats of every size.


Based in Bremen and Hamburg, H&M offers yachts a single source for top-quality entertainment, communication and security with a wide array of solutions.


Satlink offers the full spectrum of ‘off the shelf’ and customised satellite terminal services. Specialising in network design and integration they provide customers with tailored solutions.


The mission of Ubicon Brasil is to ‘connect the unconnected’, offering innovative communications and technology services to mobile users previously outside the scope of traditional mobile communications.

Atlantic Radio Telephone

Located in Miami, Atlantic Radio Telephone has been providing communication and navigation solutions since 1976 to individuals and organizations who find themselves “off the grid”.


Based in Newport Beach, Integrated Marine Systems is southern California’s premier boat and yacht upgrade provider.


S3 Maritime is a trusted source for complete yacht systems, service, and support, installing and integrating high tech marine products into sophisticated yacht systems.


With over 25 years of experience in the telecoms, IT and the electronics field, Elnetcom has successfully executed several hundred projects in Greece and abroad.

Randal Burg

Randal Burg is a concierge yacht broker based in Southern California and Florida dealing with vessels of all sizes.