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Established in 1996, e3 now has more than 50 technical, sales and operational staff across offices in Europe and the USA. Combining innovation, expertise and exceptional support, we provide customers across the globe with world-class service.


Our parent group









e3 is proud to be part of grupoarbulu, one of the world’s leading independent marine electronics groups. Headquartered in Spain, grupoarbulou comprises nine member companies located in Europe, the US, Asia and South Africa, working across the commercial maritime industry from merchant ships to ferries and fishing.

NAUTICAL – specialists in electronic equipment for deep-sea fishing vessels

Aage Hempel – a leading commercial marine electronics service company

NAVTEAM – navcom equipment specialists for commercial vessels and work boats

SMD – navigation and communication equipment for merchant ships across Africa

Marine Instruments – design and manufacture of electronic equipment for the fisheries sector

Radio Electronic – marine electronics, satellite and radio communication solutions for maritime industry

SILECMAR automation and control solutions for the naval industry

Thalos communication solutions, services and analysis systems for the fishing, merchant, oil and gas and sailing race markets

e3 Systems the leading independent provider of data communications for superyachts


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