Posted on August 4, 2017

An e3.VoIP System means NEVER having to change your vessel’s phone numbers! The e3.VoIP system is fully provider independent.

VoIP phone service provision has traditionally been supplied to yachts in conjunction with and tied to a VSAT contract, meaning that it only works with that provider. This is fine until the VSAT connection is suspended for yacht down-time whilst in refit or similar. or if the contract is ended, then the phone service goes along with all the numbers.

The e3 solution, available to e3 network customers, works on any internet connection, favouring 3G/4G connections wherever available, with its higher speed and clearer service, or VSAT when not. It allows the yacht to keep its contact numbers permanently irrespective of the VSAT supplier, so if you are changing service supplier for any reason (cruising area etc) it does not affect the yacht phone numbers.

Other features offed by e3’s unique VoIP solution include a fax to email service, and a voicemail to email function, allowing both faxes and voicemails to arrive via email, even if the yacht had no available comms at the time.

The e3.VoIP solution is part of a wider range of intelligent services that e3 offers its customers, from active monitoring and support of all network and IT systems, to intelligent mail solutions which allow seamless access from mobile devices both on and off the yacht.

You can have up to 4 independent lines at popular worldwide locations, such as UK, US, Spain and France.


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