Posted on August 3, 2020


Our Active Support Software constantly monitors all the critical network infrastructure on-board and alerts our staff as soon as it detects an issue.  This is done remotely.  It lets us be proactive rather than reactive.  Rather than waiting for you to contact us with a problem, we are permanently there, and the first you’ll hear about it is when we call you to tell you it’s been fixed.

Maintenance is key to the smooth operation of any system, and that’s why it’s the second component of our Active Support Agreement. Our support engineers regularly log in to the systems in question and check the backups, check the security and keep the platform in-line with the best practices of the manufacturers.

A new feature introduced in July 2020 for all our Active Support clients is the Health Check Report. We are now sending a regular Report that details the health status of all the IT and network components on-board.  It also includes the feedback from the regular log of system checks and makes recommendations for software updates and operational guidelines.

In addition, the yacht receives priority technical support for all matters covered by the Agreement.  This ensures that even during the busiest of times in the season you’re first in line to get to the senior level of engineers that you need to solve the problems.

 This is one of the most sensible investments a yacht can make.