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Wherever your yacht goes, e3 will connect you to the world through a range of communication solutions including cutting-edge VSAT and 4&5G services.


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Starlink for yachts

e3 Systems – the only independent yacht Authorised Starlink Reseller

e3 Systems, the leading independent communications integrator for yachts, has become an Authorised Starlink Reseller.

We hold Starlink systems in stock

Starlink has now become local to yachting in more ways than one. e3 stock Starlink systems from the locations where yachts work in the Mediterranean and Florida and our experience in yachting and data communications is second to none, which is why thousands of yachts rely on e3 today.

We configured and installed our first Starlink Maritime system in July 2022 and have helped many other yachts since and, as with our other systems, have developed a knowledge bank of good practices.

Starlink for yachts with e3

We stock the fully featured Starlink Maritime high power, flat panel systems that offer up to 350Mbps down connectivity using any of the 5TB, 1TB and 50GB plans on which an overage charge is now being implemented.

  • Overage management is provided by e3 for new and existing Starlink users.
  • We also include 24/7 authorised Starlink service support and have a dedicated back door to Starlink.
  • Installation and integration support is also provided to make sure the IT and network can handle the new faster data speeds.

Up to 350Mbps download – 1TB, 5TB, 50GB plans on offer – 24/7 support

Starlink receiver

There is no obligation to take other airtime services from e3 Systems, but we can also provide a flexible and optional range of Starlink Companion and Enhancement services, including VSAT by the day and a 4G/5G Pay as you Go service, that can be used in areas where Starlink doesn’t work, and L-band GMDSS, which cannot be provided by Starlink.

e3 systems Starlink suppliere3 Starlink for yachts service

The Enhancement services include Data Management and Monitoring, a unique Active Support service monitoring the health of every device on-board, a 24/7 Cyber Security Incident Response service providing comfort, their Client Portal and many other yacht related services including TV and IPTV.

No other Starlink reseller is so experienced and dedicated to the yacht market, so whether you need Starlink or already have it talk to us.