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e3 provides all customers with an exceptional level of support from its dedicated Support Operations Centre. The Support Desk provides fast, effective service while Active Support Customers enjoy ongoing proactive monitoring of their vessel.

Cyber security

Advanced IT protection


e3 Cyber Security Services with advanced IT protection for new LEO networks

We are partnered with Templar Executives, a globally recognised, award-winning Cyber Security consultancy offering a world-class portfolio of services and solutions.  Serving as a trusted advisor to Governments, multi-national organisations and SMEs, Templar Executives has an outstanding track record in helping clients develop resilient, business-enabling Cyber Security capabilities and bring their extensive experience and expertise to the superyacht community. They are founding members of the international Maritime Cyber Emergency Response Team (MCERT), and have regularly made expert contributions to the BIMCO Guidelines on Cyber Security Onboard Ships.


Due to the advent of advanced Low Earth Orbit (LEO) networks, such as Starlink, there has been a substantial increase in the number of devices and IP addresses utilising  available bandwidth. This significantly increases the yacht’s vulnerability to potential cyber-attacks. As a result, the inclusion of continuous cyber security Incident Response monitoring, as part of our eHUB service, enhances your security measures.


If our first-line triage Incident Response cannot resolve the issue we will introduce Templar Executives


Templar Executives’ aim is to educate, inform and ensure the security of yacht owners, crew and guests against cyber-attacks. They are dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of owners and guests, defending them from the growing threat of cyber-crime, data theft, malware, ransomware, blackmail and more.

The engagement starts with an initial consultation with one of their experts so that they understand your situation and current issues. They can then offer the appropriate remediation through their portfolio of services/solutions and specialist teams.

Templar Executives maintain their leadership in maritime cyber security by closely tracking the industry’s latest technological developments, consistently keeping their technical knowledge at the cutting edge.


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