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e3's world-class 4G and VSAT solutions provide the connectivity to power broadband internet, IPTV, VoIP and more besides. In addition to our internet-based TV services, we also offer satellite-based TV solutions across the globe.


IPTV & digital satellite TV solutions

e3 IPTV is ideal for viewing a wide range of channels including news, sport and finance.

e3 IPTV Channels can be watched in real time, while a time zone catch-up TV option is also available which will synchronize TV services to your current time zone.

Channels can be received in HD at 3Mbps, standard definition, low resolution and ultra-low resolution at 300Kbps.

IPTV can be powered by our BIG DATA EUROPE SIM which offers extremely cost-effective 4G data, while e3’s HYBRID solution offers uninterrupted TV services by seamlessly switching between 4G and VSAT.

Our digital satellite TV (TVRO) provides a big choice of TV services across various European regions in numerous languages including English, Russian, German, French and Italian.

Services in the Caribbean and USA are delivered by DirectTV. TVRO requires a stabilized antenna, a signal distribution system and decoders for the relevant programming.