Posted on June 27, 2016

REDMOND, Washington – June 27, 2016 – Kymeta® is showcasing the future of superyacht design with new technology that will deliver on the promise of global, mobile connectivity and entertainment while eliminating the need for bulky and unsightly dome antennas. Kymeta’s metamaterial-based, lightweight, flat and thin antenna design will allow superyacht designers to embed the antenna into the superstructure of a vessel, allowing for beautiful, streamlined aesthetics like never before.

Kymeta and its partners, Panasonic, iDirect and e3 Systems created the “no dome” yacht design for the future, which will be on display during Superyacht Design Week in London, England, June 28-30, 2016. With immersive workshops, onsite 3-D demos and a prototype antenna, designers will begin to imagine the future of superyacht designs using the new satellite antenna technology. The winner of the Young Designer of the Year in 2012, Ben Julian Toth, will be showcasing his design concepts for no-dome designs at the workshop as well.

“Ultimately, superyacht designers and owners desire amazing designs, while at the same time having access to uninhibited global connectivity and entertainment,” said Håkan Olsson, Vice President, Maritime, Kymeta. “Prototypes of Kymeta’s flat panel antenna have already been successfully tested on yachts and in cars, and we are excited to expand our engagement with the superyacht industry for new builds and refits as we move towards commercial availability in 2017.”

In addition to creating a more streamlined vessel, Kymeta mTenna® technology gives superyacht owners scalable connection speeds with integrated, flat-panel antennas that can provide both internet and live TV capabilities. This cuts down on the need for multiple antennas, allowing for better design options and increased functionality.

Kymeta is working with partners to bring its first maritime product to market in 2017. With Kymeta’s mTenna technology, Intelsat satellites, Panasonic’s global satellite network and iDirect’s modem technology, superyacht owners will be assured a secure, scalable and future-proof system customized by e3 Systems to meet the needs of owners and crew now and in the future. Maritime is the first market to benefit from Kymeta’s technology. The company is also on its way to providing solutions for the automotive and aerospace industries and the world of connected things.

“In partnership with Kymeta, we are giving superyacht owners access to unprecedented connectivity speed and functionality,” said Carl Novello, Vice President, Maritime, Panasonic. “Our global network is ready to provide consistent coverage for high speed Internet and live TV entertainment. We are excited to be working with Kymeta to provide ubiquitous connectivity in a new form factor that will appeal to superyacht designers and owners.”

Learn more about the future of high-speed connectivity and design of superyachts at Kymeta’s

Superyacht Design Week keynote and workshop:

Yachts of the Future – Keynote: June 29 10:00am BS, Main Pavilion.

Domeless Designs Workshop: June 29 at 12:00pm BST, Summit Furniture showroom on the third floor, North dome of the Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour, London.

Kymeta will also be showcasing demonstrations of Kymeta’s flat-panel antenna and a prototype antenna in the Design Centre.

Later this year Kymeta will highlight its technology in Superyacht Group’s Owner’s VIP Lounge during the Monaco Yacht Show September 28-October 1 in Port Hercules, Monaco.

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The company has been awarded the 2016 AHEAD Innovators Award, which was closely preceded by the Frost & Sullivan 2016 New Product Innovation Award. The company has also been recognized as a CNBC Disruptor for two consecutive years, a FiReStarter by Strategic News Network and a top 50 MIT Technology Review Disruptive Company. Kymeta has formed significant partnerships with industry leaders including Toyota, Intelsat, Panasonic, Inmarsat, Airbus Defence & Space, Sharp, Intellian, O3b and more. If it moves, Kymeta will keep it connected. Anywhere. The company is based in Redmond,

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