Posted on April 10, 2018

Whether at work or play, the ubiquity of terrestrial broadband connectivity is taken as a given. Provided through 4G, fibre or WiFi, it’s generally available whenever we want it and wherever we are. Once we set sail however, it’s a very different story with connectivity becoming more complicated and the solutions more expensive.

Within a few miles of the shore, 4G data can be accessed fairly easily, although providers generally demand a costly commitment of several months minimum. Cruise further afield and yachts switch to VSAT, which we’re still accessing in the same way we were 15 years ago; having to sign a relatively long contract, paying for data we don’t always use, having to apply for upgrades days up-front, and then having to commit for a relatively long upgrade period. Today’s consumers are too educated in the ways of connectivity for this to continue as the status quo – they want VSAT that actually meets their needs, rather than the ‘one size fits all’ approach – which until now has been the only option.

This is all set to change as e3 Systems introduces a new ultra-flexible data solution. One of the pioneers in providing VSAT to superyachts in the Med, e3 is about to revolutionise the way in which yachts buy and consume data. Their enormously flexible new service delivers seamless connectivity through 4G data on-demand and VSAT data on-demand as part of e3’s innovative HYBRID solution. For the first time anyone can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity with fast, automatic upgrades with no monthly commitments using either or both satellite and 4G connectivity. It will provide the bandwidth customers need, when they need it, and charge them for simply what has been used.

This new service represents a landmark in connectivity for yachts and will greatly benefit current users while also opening up the market to those yachts wanting only occasional or seasonal, more efficient use of bandwidth. Ultra flexibility is the way forward and this new service will be available for the start of the 2018 season, with full details revealed at the Palma Superyacht Show 2018.