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e3 provides all customers with an exceptional level of support from its dedicated Support Operations Centre. The Support Desk provides fast, effective service while Active Support Customers enjoy ongoing proactive monitoring of their vessel.

Our Active Support is Proactive

e3’s highest level of support

Entertainment and communication systems are essential for the business and leisure activities of all on board a vessel and deserves an exceptional level of technical support.

We often detect issues on-board before you do


  • Our Support Operations Centre (SOC) provides 24/7 Remote Monitoring of all the critical networking equipment on-board. If a problem occurs it will be picked up by our SOC before the vessel is aware of the problem and we often resolve the issues before the crew, and more importantly guests and owners are aware.
  • We poll all the IP devices, 24/7 including access points, switches, LAN controllers, cameras etc to check equipment uptime. We also check the disk space and anti-virus updates.
  • On a quarterly basis we check everything including the Overall Health, Accessibility, Software Updates and the Backup Status, then we provide a Quarterly Health Check Report detailing our recommendations for maintenance on your internal network and IT systems.
  • The ASA also provides immediate, one-stop shop support, by taking responsibility for all your support. Our SOC will liaise with all other suppliers and hardware manufacturers. If you have a connection supported only by the service operator, such as Starlink, that only provides consumer grade security we will provide support and additional security for all the services that surround it.

An Active Support Agreement from e3 guarantees the highest levels of dedicated service to keep you always connected at all times and ultimately provides complete peace of mind.


Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring works by a notification appearing on the screens in the Support Operations Centre (SOC).

  • Every ASA client has a ring on the screens in the SOC.
  • Every slice of that ring represents a piece of networking equipment.
  • If a ring appears as red or amber, there is an issue with that device.
  • When a support engineer visually scans the screens an issue can be instantly seen and we open a ticket to inform the client and begin investigating the case.

Quarterly health check reports

An engineer logs on to your system every quarter and runs tests on the following network and server systems:

  • System Status (i.e. Overall Health)
  • Accessibility
  • Software update availability
  • Whether the devices are End of Life
  • Backup Status of Servers Based on the finds above, a report is collated with a set of recommendations which is sent to the ETO/Chief Engineer and Captain.
  • A NUC and a one-year ASA are included free-of-charge with any new Cyber Secure network.
  • With the years free ASA, the contract DOES NOT TIE THE CLIENT INTO AN AUTOMATIC RENEWAL. We are transparent when it comes to paying for the service next year.
  • Once the contract is signed, a certificate is issued to the vessel to be displayed in the rack room/IT area.


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