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e3 offers robust, reliable, future-proofed and highly-customisable IT solutions. All our networks and servers are “IMO Ready” for the upcoming International Maritime Organization regulations in 2019.

Cyber security

Enjoy the highest levels of protection

With the yachting world increasingly targeted by cyber criminals, the security of your IT networks is as important at sea as it is on land.

Increased connectivity for superyachts brings with it increased risk and the highest levels of protection are therefore fundamental to the security of your corporate data, bank accounts and personal details.

Strong cyber defences can only be built on a combination of well-trained people and sound policies, underpinned by correctly-configured technology.

e3 Systems has partnered with a leading cyber security practice to offer a range of security solutions for superyachts. All new e3 networks are configured for maximum security at installation while our existing networks can benefit from a range of security enhancements.

Customers can also take advantage of a combined IT and Security Monitoring Service which allows 24/7 network monitoring to enable threats to be detected and managed in real time.

While for everyone on-board, we deliver bespoke cyber security awareness training to build the “human firewall”.


IMO ready

Upcoming International Maritime Organization regulations will require all superyachts over a certain size to incorporate cyber risk management into their systems. e3 is currently working with our cyber security partner to ensure all our network and server offerings are “IMO Ready” by 2019.

Cyber security