Wherever your yacht goes, e3 will connect you to the world through a range of communication solutions including cutting-edge VSAT and 4&5G services.


Complete management, security and control over every aspect of your connectivity


e3 is now an Authorised Starlink Reseller


We offer our own VSAT solution called eSAT which is a HYBRID solution combining 4&5G, compressed IPTV and VoIP. We also offer a choice of VSAT only solutions across Ka and Ku band frequencies through a network of providers that includes Inmarsat, Speedcast, Viasat and more and are introducing LEO super broadband services with OneWeb and complementary services for Starlink– all with 24/7 support, wherever you are in the world on conventional and flat antennas.

Fleet Xpress

Inmarsat Fleet Xpress offers new levels of connectivity, flexibility and guaranteed performance, wherever you sail.

L Band

Offered by Inmarsat and Iridium, L Band is an alternative satellite frequency providing extremely reliable communications across the world and has been used for the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System for many years.

4&5G Data for yachts

4G networks can be accessible up to 40nm offshore – a distance within which many yachts spend the majority of their time. e3 offers a choice of SIM card options providing 4&5G data connectivity across the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the USA.


Lightweight, low power, fully marinized and proven  Kymeta™ antennas are changing the world of mobile connectivity. Delivering a wide range of benefits, these flat-panel antennas offer a simple alternative to traditional gimballed satellite dishes, especially for LEO satellite tracking.

HYBRID solution

e3 HYBRID solution offers synchronised satellite and land-based communication solutions, together with a suite of complementary IT, content and cyber security services – delivering seamless, secure and extremely controllable connectivity across the globe.

Want the cheapest 4&5G data afloat?

e3's BIG DATA EUROPE SIM brings you rates as low as €1.95/GB and unlimited usage.

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