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e3 offers robust, reliable, future-proofed and highly-customisable IT networks and servers. We also offer complementary services such as a free-of-charge IT audit and cyber security solutions.

IT networks for yachts

Reliable and fast IT networks

IT networks for yachts are the core foundation of communications systems, comprising a collection of devices including router, switches and access points.

From sending an email and streaming the latest TV programmes to the highest levels of security, your system facilitates the reliable transfer of data.

e3 networks range from simple connectivity solutions to full scale enterprise level installations complete with fibre interconnectivity and industry leading monitoring.

We upgrade old networks that have grown organically to standards that are capable of handling the new super broadband bandwidth. There is no point having a 250Mbps connection if your access points can only handle 50Mbps. As part of our IT Audit we will investigate potential bandwidth bottlenecks.

We generally supply and support Cisco equipment, as being the market leader they actually develop many of the standards and technologies which others follow.

Standard IT networks for yachts An affordable upgrade path to replace ageing hardware with the latest technology from the market leader in wireless solutions. Our standard networks offer one year of unlimited technical support and remote monitoring.

Advanced IT networks for yachts A┬ámore powerful networking platform for advanced AV systems or specific high bandwidth requirements, e3’s Advanced Network provides more wireless access points and a core switch capable of 10Gbps throughput over fibre.

It is capable of handling your IT requirements into the future and comes with one year of unlimited support and remote monitoring.

IT networks for yachts