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e3’s world-class 4G and VSAT solutions provide the connectivity to power broadband internet, IPTV, VoIP and more besides. In addition to our internet-based TV services, we also offer satellite-based TV solutions across the globe.


e3 provides a choice of internet-based IPTV services and digital satellite TVRO. Both offer a wide range of channels across the globe to ensure you keep up-to-date on sport, news and all your favourite programmes.


We provide reliable, fast internet access around a yacht via password-protected Wi-Fi and cabled connections, to keep everyone on board securely connected to their own devices.


Secure and private, e3 mail is a complete worry-free, cloud-based solution that keeps you up to date on all your emails, while onboard or away from your yacht.


e3 VoIP (internet phone) is a true HYBRID solution that connects you using VSAT and 4G. This provider-independent service means you won’t lose your numbers in the event of your VSAT being down or you change service providers.

Want the cheapest 4G data afloat?

e3's BIG DATA EUROPE SIM brings you rates as low as €2.5/GB and unlimited usage.

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