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e3 offers robust, reliable, future-proofed and highly-customisable IT networks and servers. We also offer complementary services such as a free-of-charge IT audit and cyber security solutions.

Data management

Manage your on-board bandwidth

Our Advanced Monitoring and Management System (ARMMS) enables you to effortlessly manage data resources on-board a vessel.

It allows you to check the bandwidth meets contracted levels and monitor and manage users and devices. It will ensure data is always available to those who take priority while restricting bandwidth elsewhere as necessary.

ARMMS can handle complex networks with multiple VLANs and will manage users, devices and type of traffic by setting data limits, time thresholds and limitations on the type of traffic allowed. It will filter inappropriate content and provide network level anti-virus protection.

ARMMS Data Management allows you to choose which Internet connection is assigned to each network. For example, you can assign the VSAT or LEO super broadband to be used by the crew and management networks, while simultaneously allowing the guests to access the internet via 4&5G.

It also allows you to restrict certain networks to specific speeds, for example if VSAT is the only available connection, limit the crew network to 25% of the speed, allowing the guests network unrestricted access to the remainder.

Data management