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Wherever your yacht goes, e3 will connect you to the world through a range of communication solutions including cutting-edge VSAT and 4&5G services.


eSAT is our own HYBRID VSAT and 4&5G connectivity solution with IPTV and VoIP all included as one service!

Our solution, unique to the mobile maritime industry, includes Cellular connectivity at no extra cost with certain plans  and compressed IPTV and VoIP.

Again, unique to the industry, the solution is digitalized and automated so our customers have complete freedom as to the plan, the coverage, the term as well as the equipment required and then they can monitor and manage their own upgrades, downgrades and suspensions using our Client Portal my.e3s!

We offer other Ku, Ka, L and C band services in our satcom portfolio from a selection of other best of breed partners including Inmarsat, Speedcast and Viasat.

e3 was appointed TIER 1 Value Added Reseller (VAR) status by Inmarsat In 2018 for two of its flagship services, Fleet Xpress and FleetBroadband.

We also work with the world’s most respected manufacturers, including Cobham and Intellian, to bring you the very latest stabilised antennas.


e3 HYBRID VSAT, 4&5G and TV solution


eSAT by e3

e3 HYBRID VSAT, 4&5G and TV solution

As mentioned above eSAT is our own HYBRID VSAT and 4G&5G connectivity solution with compressed IPTV and VoIP all included as one service!

This is the first VSAT service that combines all the main Value-Added Services into one solution.


There are many benefits:

• Free 4&5G that can be used in isolation or seamlessly with the VSAT.

• Seamless failover from VSAT to 4&5G and back if required.

• Over 100 free IPTV channels can be streamed via compressed IPTV data channels on VSAT anywhere and via 4&5G which is free in the EU.

• The VoIP service will connect over the VSAT and the 4&5G, so will continue to work when the VSAT is decommissioned. Telephone numbers stay the same.

• All the components of the HYBRID solution can be customized, such as the addition of owner’s own IPTV channels, the breakout country for the VoIP service, choice of VSAT and 4&5G equipment.


eSAT by e3 ‘main features’

• Self-service VSAT management, via the my.e3s client portal.


• e3’s own premium network directly from the Satellite operator

• Free 4&5G with most annual plans

• Unique HYBRID VoIP connecting over VSAT and 4&5G

• 24/7 Proactive “All Systems” Support

• compressed IPTV streaming

• Latest Newtec modem

• Multi beam service

• Full global coverage

• High bandwidth plans

• Short term “Pop-Up” plans

• An annual commitment can be dipped into over 2 years.

• Full flexibility on upgrades and suspensions

e.SAT footprint world map