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Wherever your yacht goes, e3 will connect you to the world through a range of communication solutions including cutting-edge VSAT and 4&5G services.

HYBRID solution

Synchronised 4&5G and VSAT and LEO super broadband connectivity

e3’s HYBRID solution delivers synchronised satellite and land-based communication solutions. Alongside a suite of complementary IT, content and cyber security services. The result is fast, seamless, secure and extremely controllable connectivity.

So, wherever you are in the world you are reliably connected for internet, phone, video conferencing and ship management applications.

HYBRID comprises components and solutions as shown below and can be effortlessly managed through your my.e3s account.


Our eSAT satellite services cover every requirement.  All bands.  Pole to pole.  By Mbps or GB.  For any period.  Domed and flat antennas. Seamless integration with all our other services.

Our family of BIG DATA SIMs provides 4&5G data connectivity across yachting destinations nationally and globally.

Conventional satellite TV receive only and IPTV streaming via the internet, delivering a wide range of HD channels including Sky UK and Italia, BT Sport, UK freeview channels, DirecTV Caribbean, DirecTV USA etc.

On-line access to view your e3 client portal details including live data usage, manage upgrades, contract new services, download invoices, orders, credit card payment, FAQs and technical updates. EASY ACCOUNTING
To make your accounting simpler we operate a HYBRID Accounting Statement that is issued monthly covering all your services and requires just one payment each month.  A HYBRID discount is offered to clients who contract many services with us.

Proactive remote monitoring combined with our 24/7 support desk provides – enables us to support you quickly and efficiently, often before you know you need it.

e3 has partnered with a leading cyber security practice, to protect your data and systems through bespoke services and a range of monthly support packages.

Your choice of IT and network is fundamental to the smooth running and security of your vessel. We have the expertise and knowledge to design and support you.

We recommend the correct, the highest quality and proven equipment needed to do the job for all the versions of our communication service