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Wherever your yacht goes, e3 will connect you to the world through a range of communication solutions including cutting-edge VSAT and 4G services.


Flat panel antennas

Revolutionising the world of mobile connectivity, Kymeta flat panel antennas are delivering significantly higher internet connection speeds and IP-delivered entertainment.

Easy to access and always available, Kymeta KyWay™ satellite terminals feature an electronically-steered, flat-panel Ku-band antenna.

Secure, scalable and future-proof, this innovative technology is making high-throughput, mobile communications possible.




Complete single panel solution

The Kymeta flat panel antenna delivers exceptional performance with a choice of competitively-priced airtime options including KĀLO, Speedcast and Hispasat – with bandwidth periods from as little as two hours up to multi-year contracts.

Our cost-effective Bandwidth on Demand service for Kymeta panels now comes bundled with complimentary TV provided by Jetstream.

This means you can watch the TV service of your choice wherever you are in the world – and means you get a complete TV and airtime solution through one panel.

Multi-panel solution

Following the launch of Kymeta™ mTenna™ PLUS and mTenna™ SELECT – enabling the combining of multiple flat-panel Kymeta KyWay™ terminals – the multi-panel solution is now available from e3 and our partners.

The mTenna PLUS amplifies the throughput by combining the receive connection of two to four panels. Each time the number of panels doubles, the gain doubles, which means operating costs fall. The mTenna SELECT automatically switches to transmit from the most optimally positioned panel. It switches as the yacht moves without losing the connection.

Multiple panels can be placed around the yacht in positions that will eliminate any mast shadows and enable satellites to be tracked anywhere in the sky.

e3 is the exclusive superyacht distribution partner for Kymeta communications solutions.

Airtime and TV in one complete flat panel solution

e3 is enhancing the user experience by combining bandwidth and TV reception into one panel. Our groundbreaking IPTV is included with our airtime service and you only pay for the bandwidth you need when you want it. You can watch any channel you choose from TV services across many countries and the service is easily manageable via the HYBRID bandwidth on demand screen.

Kymeta antennas and terminals

An innovative new approach to connectivity

Kymeta has created the world’s first metamaterials based, slim, flat panel antenna.

Software controlled, electronically steered and with no moving parts, it uses naturally occurring materials arranged in a specific pattern to produce a holographic beam.

The technology works with the very latest geostationary satellites (GEO) and is also designed to work effectively with Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellations.


Key benefits

The many reasons to go flat

  • Low energy consumption

    Use a fraction of the power to acquire and track a satellite.

  • Lower running costs

    Lower costs through lower energy requirements and reduced maintenance.

  • Lightweight

    Easy to move, store, carry and take a fraction of the time to install.

  • Ultra-high throughput connectivity

    Kymeta technology is LEO compatible and ready to accept faster speeds as these satellites come on line.

  • Silent operation

    Will not disturb passengers on the sundeck.

  • No moving parts

    Eliminates risk of fatigue and failure from mechanical breakdown.

  • Virtually maintenance free

    Far lower maintenance costs than with mechanical parabolic dishes.

  • Easy replacement

    A replacement can be easily fitted and with auto-configure, will be back up and running quickly.

  • Revolutionising superyacht design

    Flat panels will completely change the way we approach yacht design

  • Mounting options

    Horizontal housing mounts Single panels can be mounted on the deck via our especially commissioned, discrete white acrylic housing mounts and skirts available in two designs.

    Surface mounted Single panels can be mounted via the surface mounting to provide the correct elevation.

    Flush mounted Panels can be flush mounted into a custom recess that provides the correct elevation. This can be covered with a vinyl wrap or painted with an RF transparent smoothly applied paint.

  • Hardware - technical details

    Each panel needs a connection hub mounted within a 15m cable run from the panel.

    The panel and hub box have RX and TX coax cables and an Ethernet cable that can be replaced by optical fibre for long runs. Every four panels require a combiner unit.

    Combiner units are cascaded together and in turn connect to an iDirect X7 modem.

    • Options from 8 to 24W BUCs.
    • All external sensors are built in. No external connections.
    • Each panel is autonomous but can work combined, in a team.
    • Plug and play. 10 minutes out of the box to satellite acquisition.
    • Panel only powered by 15W peak and 300W typical when 8W BUC transmits.
    • The panel is solid state so no moving parts.
    • IP66 environmental protection.
    • Cooling not required.
    • Optical interconnectivity to make installations simple.
    • Single panel bandwidth of 100Mbps plus is limited only by modem and transponder.
    • Each time the number of panels doubles the gain is increased by 2.7dB.