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IT & Networks

e3 offers robust, reliable, future-proofed and highly-customisable IT networks and servers. We also offer complementary services such as a free-of-charge IT audit and cyber security solutions.


Professional grade IT systems

Critical processes should never be run on a basic PC with a single hard drive, as failure will lead to loss of data for a vessel. Whereas servers are designed to be redundant and run 24/7.

Our recommended servers can be individually tailored to meet your specific needs. We generally opt for HP and DELL, both well-known and trusted manufacturers, using the more compact DELL servers when space is limited.

Designed to effortlessly handle vital tasks such as centralised anti-virus, update management, and centralized file management with malicious data loss recovery options, they can also host popular vessel management databases.

While our advanced mail systems provide you with uninterrupted access to your emails on all of your devices, regardless of whether you are on board or not.

Standard server This professional grade IT system allows file sharing and administration for up to five workstations, including a centralised anti-virus and update system for Windows platforms.

It also offers an extra Windows Server operating system dedicated for on-board applications such as vessel management databases.

It comes with one-year unlimited support and remote monitoring. 

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