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IT & Networks

e3 offers robust, reliable, future-proofed and highly-customisable IT networks and servers. We also offer complementary services such as a free-of-charge IT audit and cyber security solutions.

IT Audit

Assessing your IT systems

The upgrade of your IT systems involves serious investment of time and money and is a decision that needs careful consideration.

To start this process, we recommend an IT Audit carried out by our senior IT engineers to assess your current IT services and future requirements. Following this, we will propose a state-of-the-art upgrade that meets your needs, timeline and budget.

This is especially important if you are planning to upgrade to the new LEO super broadband service Starlink.  We regularly upgrade old legacy networks to standards that are capable of handling the new super broadband services as there is no point having a 250Mbps connection if your access points can only handle 50Mbps.

Should you choose to accept the IT system we design for you, the cost of the consultation will be removed from the final invoice.

IT Audit