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TV & Services

e3’s world-class 4&5G,  VSAT and LEO super broadband solutions provide the connectivity to power broadband internet, IPTV, VoIP and more besides. In addition to our internet-based TV services, we have been offering satellite-based TV solutions across the globe for many years.


TV Receive Only (TVRO), IPTV and Streaming Services


Digital satellite TV solution (TVRO)

We provide a range of digital satellite TVRO antennas, HD decoders and subscription services.  Together they offer a wide range of channels across the globe to ensure you keep up to date on live sport, international news, cinema, documentaries, and all your favourite entertainment programmes.  TVRO is regional and will gradually be replaced by IPTV and streaming services.

As well as providing equipment and activating subscriptions, we supply remote TVRO antenna support to all our TV customers.


European Services

Sky UK Offshore can be received in the western Med.  We provide official viewing cards for maritime use with 6 or12 months’ subscriptions. This service provides an excellent range of English-language programmes, including live sportsSky Italia Gold also comes with official cards for maritime use and full annual subscriptions.  Sky Italia is viewable throughout the Med with any TVRO antenna 80cm or over.  The option to pre-set ‘original language audio’ across all channels gives a wide range of programmes in English.  Live sports coverage is excellent and several international news channels are Included.


For French speakers, we can supply the Canal+ Friends & Family service for maritime use.
This service Is viewable throughout the western and central Med.  We provide  equipment with annual subscriptions.


Caribbean and USA Services

DirecTV Caribbean is broadcast throughout the traditional Caribbean cruising ground.  The service comes with dedicated HD decoders and 6 month seasonal subscriptions.  Plenty of live sports available, Including NFL Superbowl.

DirecTV USA is broadcast throughout the USA, and coverage extends as far south as the Bahamas.  We provide dedicated DirecTV USA HD decoders and viewing cards with annual subscriptions.  As you would expect, the choice of channels Is immense.


IPTV and Streaming Services

Our world-class 4&5G, VSAT and LEO super broadband solutions provide the connectivity to power IPTV and streaming services.  This is the future of TV viewing, and we see a growth in the use of IPTV every year.

IPTV and streaming services will work anywhere you have fast data connectivity and either unlimited or significant data limits, as they do not rely upon the satellite footprint of the TVRO services.

We combine our services with:

  • Less expensive and faster 4&5G connectivity to stream uncompressed video.
  • Our SMART eSAT VSAT bandwidth using streams that are 50% compressed.
  • Our Viasat VSAT streaming service for uncompressed video.

We currently provide three IPTV services:-


This unique and cost-effective IPTV service offers a range of UK channels Including good quality content with a cross section of news, general entertainment, live sport (Wimbledon, international golf, F1, Olympics, Euros, FIFA World Cup and Six Nations rugby).  Most channels are in English, with a selection of international news channels. No UK VPN is required.  We bundle this service in our HYBRID eSAT service.



This is a subscription streaming version of Sky UK with the option to add BT Sport.  It can only be used in the UK or outside the UK with a UK VPN router.  It requires high bandwidth and is best viewed with our eSAT VSAT compressed channel from the UK.



This is a streaming Russian TV service. No VPN is required. High bandwidth is required as all channels are HD.  It works with our 4&5G or LEO super broadband as an uncompressed service.


Streaming and download services

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and HBO can all be viewed either with our eSAT compression service, 4&5G or LEO super broadband uncompressed.