Posted on October 19, 2018

Catch up with the e3 team at the Aft Deck VIP Lounge (USSA American Pavilion) to talk VSAT, 4G, TV, flat panels and much more.

Meet our partners

We’re building a global network of approved distributors and installers to deal with the demand for Kymeta™ technology. Three of our partners – RMK Merrill-Stevens, Techno Group and Global Satellite USA – will be at FLIBS to offer their first-hand knowledge of working with flat panels. Explore our network

Kymeta flat panel solutions

We currently have nine Kymeta installations on yachts of varying sizes with up to another 20 in the pipeline. With a choice of airtime providers, bespoke mounts and a TV solution – now is the time to go flat. Read more

HYBRID control app

e3’s HYBRID solution can be effortlessly managed on an iPad using the HYBRID Control App and our team will be happy to demonstrate it for you. Read more


Check out our SUPERDATA SIM offering unrivalled 4G LTE from Mexico to Alaska and BIG DATA CARIBBEAN SIM providing unlimited data with no monthly commitments – pick them up from our stand and stay seamlessly connected all season. Read more