Posted on August 13, 2019

Our new, flexible Active IT Support package is designed to ensure your critical IT and network systems are monitored, managed, and supported at all times. Enjoy peace of mind from our industry-leading team of dedicated engineers backed by the latest monitoring technology and industry best practices.

  • Active monitoring of all key IT and network systems with alerts sent directly to our support staff, with issues often fixed before a customer has reported it
  • Maintenance routines customised to the onboard needs of a vessel’s systems – ensuring that your systems are backed up, secure, and operating at peak efficiency
  • Priority technical support for all systems covered in the Active Support plan.

Competitive pricing

Our plans start from just €3500 per year and include 30 hours of both Tier 1 and Tier 2 technical support. Further hours can be purchased as add-on packages, as well as add-on support for your stabilised and solid state antenna systems.

Out of bundle prices for Tier 1 support is €150 per hour and Tier 2 Support is €250 per hour.

Tier 1support covers all general IT and communications requests, email, Kerio, end user device support and antenna.

Tier 2 support covers all Cisco Network and Windows Server support, reconfiguration, maintenance, and troubleshooting requests, as well as any items that fall outside of regular Tier 1 support.


Active Support in action – mid-season server replacement keeping all main services operational

We recently replaced the server on a large yacht, without attending the vessel while keeping all the services operational with the yacht in full operation and on the move with owners and guests on board.

The ETO recognised an issue before the old server crashed and our IT team held the server in triage to keep it going whilst we had a replacement built to spec and delivered to the yacht. The ETO plugged it in and we configured it remotely before transferring data over and switching the operation from old to new. All remotely configured with13 virtual servers.

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