Posted on April 27, 2018

e3 is increasing our support for the marine conservation charity, Asociación Ondine. For every Euro spent by customers on our BIG DATA EUROPE SIM and new Bandwidth on Demand service, we’ll donate a percentage to Ondine. We hope the potentially significant sum raised will help them in their excellent work towards creating clean and healthy oceans.

One particular focus area for Asociación Ondine includes awareness, outreach and education, with their Dos Manos Schools Programme aiming to help students across the region get a better idea of the challenges facing the seas and to get them actively involved with reducing plastic pollution. The demand for projects run by Ondine has reached an all-time high this year with more than 800 students enrolling in the Dos Manos Schools Programme within the first three weeks of the year.

In addition, Ondine work with a team of experienced marine scientists, divers, local authorities and other stakeholders to create an effectively managed network of Marine Protected Areas across the Balearics involving significant scientific research and survey work.

The superyacht industry depends entirely on marine conservation to preserve the sparkling, turquoise waters of the Med, so supporting organisations such as Asociación Ondine is important for all of us.

Find out more about Asociación Ondine online here