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e3's world-class 4G and VSAT solutions provide the connectivity to power broadband internet, IPTV, VoIP and more besides. In addition to our internet-based TV services, we also offer satellite-based TV solutions across the globe.


Provider-independent internet phone

e3 VoIP (internet phone) is a true HYBRID solution that connects you using VSAT and 4G.

This means you don’t lose your numbers in the event of your VSAT being down or you change service providers – unlike traditional VoIP which is provided in conjunction with a VSAT contract.

e3’s unique VoIP solution is fully provider-independent and allows a yacht to keep its telephone numbers permanently, irrespective of the VSAT supplier. It works on any internet connection – favouring 4G connections wherever available (for its higher speed and clearer service), or VSAT when not.

It offers up to four independent lines at locations across the globe and also includes a fax to email service and a voicemail to email function, allowing both faxes and voicemails to arrive via email.