Posted on June 2, 2016

Are you ready for a great summer of sport? For soccer fans, UEFA Euro 2016 kicks off on 10th June and ends 4 weeks later with the final in Paris; Wimbledon, the oldest tennis tournament in the world, opens on 27th June; and on 5th August, the Olympic flame will be lit in Rio de Janeiro to signal the start of the greatest sporting event on the planet. Wherever you are, your guests and crew are sure to want to follow these and other sports on live TV for yachts, so here’s our advice for viewing.

Euro 2016, Wimbledon and the Rio Olympics will be broadcast on BBC and ITV. These are Freeview channels with limited coverage in the Mediterranean due to the weak transmission power introduced early last year. Alternatively, these events will be broadcast on the RAI channels, part of digital satellite service Sky Italia, which has excellent coverage throughout the Mediterranean from Spain to Turkey. A simple process sets up “original language audio” on all channels, giving you a wide range of programmes in English. Sky Italia is renowned for its excellent sports coverage.

In order to ensure that you enjoy the high-quality coverage you can expect from all these channels, we recommend that you try our e3. IPTV box. This includes all the channels required for enjoying the major summer sports events. You will need a good internet connection with 1.2Mbps to watch in SD or 3Mbps for HD (from €3 per hour), and you’ll get access to all UK Freeview channels, together with a simple-to-use 7-day catch-up service.

e3.IPTV is specifically designed to provide TV for yachts, it can be used on different TVs and is available in multiple languages.

Captain Mike Conquest of 43m MY Golden Eagle says of e3.IPTV:

“I am very happy to say that I am very impressed with your IPTV units. For a vessel unfortunately without a TV system it has proved invaluable for both Crew and Guests. For our guests who do not really watch TV except for the odd occasion, like Wimbledon tennis finals etc. it is very valuable. For the crew to be able to watch the BBC and ITV channels, among others, while in the Caribbean especially, has been very beneficial. Even though we do not have a huge bandwidth the low speed channels usually work very well. Many thanks. “

We’re here to help but recommend that if you want the live TV for yachts service you get prepared well in advance for these major sporting events!

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