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Established in 1996, e3 now has more than 50 technical, sales and operational staff across offices in Europe and the USA. Combining innovation, expertise and exceptional support, we provide customers across the globe with world-class service.


Customer reviews

Never complacent, we constantly aim to provide our customers with the very best products, services and customer care. However, don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have been saying about their experience of working with e3.

Andrew Schofield

Master, M/Y White Rose of Drachs

I am thrilled to bits Roger. Your preparation, setup and activation enabled the installation to be complete in just 4.5 hours.

You and your team have been fantastic. Thanks a million for your help. The owner is hugely impressed and has asked you to supply another one!

M/Y 2 Ladies is heavily used by charters and owner, which requires last minute changes and requests at short notice. In the six years we have worked together, the service provided, VSAT upgrades, Sky TV, Kerio advice and email issues, was always fulfilling to the highest standards. The friendly and professional staff are always approachable and extremely competent, always offering solutions and not more problems.

Without a doubt, it will be great to carry on working with them in the near future and extend this recommendation to anyone interested in a reliable, professional and friendly company.

Jose Souto

Captain, (M/Y 2Ladies)

Vareek Breaden


As a Captain, my job is to protect my owner’s investment and what’s important to the owner is to make sure I obtain the very best and at a cost that is considered value for money. I also look for transparency. If I make a mistake, the buck stops at me. With that in mind, having done my due-diligence, I was happy I moved to flat panel technology. I felt for our boat, I made the right decision to move.

Hands down, ‘this is the easiest system I have every used!’ There is no programming, it’s very user friendly, and it is truly ‘plug and play’ as described in the handbook. You don’t need to be a technical specialist to manage Kymeta, unlike other systems where you have to check the azimuth range, or the DAC (Antenna Control Unit).

We are at the end of our second season with the Kymeta system and connectivity has been flawless. There was no outage and more importantly, no input required from the ETO. The SELECT/PLUS system has managed the four panels really well and the owner has given me the green light to remove all domes.

Andrew Schofield


Danilo del Bianco

Captain (S/Y Jasali II)

With pleasure I submit my references.

What to say…simply the best!!

It’s now 4 years we are cooperating with e3 and no money has been spent in a better way.

Happy about the services, happy about flexibility, happy about kindness from people, happy about possibility to choose, upgrade, downgrade and response they give.

In every place for every problem on international phones, VSAT, TV issues…..we just call and promptly they try to help.

Our cooperation will for sure last long.

It was nice to meet some of your team at the MYS. As I explained to Alan Walker, e3s has the best after sales and support teams in the world; of course also everyone from accounting, for their long patience with unpaid invoices and all the extremely nice and professional people I have been dealing with these last 26 months


CAPTAIN (M/Y Sunrise)

Dean Lieberum

ETO (MY Samar)

I am not sure if you are aware, but I have been dealing extensively with your team regarding M.Y. Samar’s IT, VSAT and TVRO issues/maintenance and general system health checks.

I wanted to let you know that your team has been a tremendous help (to say the very least). In each department I have found each individual to be extremely competent and professional with support that extends way beyond the call of duty.

I cannot thank your guys enough for all their hard work and it’s the customer service provided by them (and the rest of the team) that makes all the difference and I can assure you that we will continue to remain a proud client of yours.

The e3.ARMMS Kerio is generally speaking user friendly, easy to navigate and informative. I really like using it!

The system is intuitive and can make its own decisions if not inhibited. For example if reception is lost the system has the ability to automatically select 4G, which if not detected, could prove quite costly. A simple manual would be a useful addition as a starting point during fault finding. It might save needless phone calls to the technicians when they are busy on other jobs.

The system though is brilliant!

Graham Bell

Captain (M/V De-De)

Barnaby Henshaw-Depledge

Captain, (S/Y Velsheda)

I am pleased with the e3.ARMMS Kerio controller installed aboard Velsheda. I can now easily manage all internet sources. I can split a weak wi-fi signal for crew and stronger, but limited, 4G data for administration and guests. This really helps with data hungry race crew when waiting around on a postponed race day – just when I need to submit regatta documentation in a hurry!

When restricted to monthly data allowance, the e3.ARMMS Kerio helps me to manage this usage with relative ease. I recommend it, just don’t fiddle with the settings once installed!

This is the first time I have used the e3.ARMMS Kerio Controller for the Data Service management and I find it very useful and easy to use. I was shown how to use it once by the old captain and have been able to change the settings that I have needed very easily. I especially like the idea of being able to turn off pages like Facebook, Skype and You Tube which eat up a lot of the bandwidth.

Richard Kellett

Captain, (M/Y Bluebird of 1936)

Christopher Bartle

Chief Engineer, (M/Y Samax)

Having used e3 Systems for a number of years on-board M/Y SAMAX we have found them extremely efficient and most knowledgeable especially on the IT side of the company. We upgraded our Server and on-board IT Network back in 2012 and e3 Systems was our first choice supplier to carry out such a complex upgrade.

We are extremely happy with the service e3 supply and especially with the e3.ARMMS (Kerio) supplied by e3 Systems which is great for monitoring our data usage on-board, we are now able to control all our data usage and allocate bandwidth accordingly, making data allocation easier to control especially in heavier traffic periods, plus of course the added advantage that e3 Systems are only a call away should assistance be needed.

On board our 70m yacht we used the Kerio Control Software for about a year, running on VMWare; Windows 2008 Server. Starting to use the software was very easy, all settings and configuration on are on the html surface. The control over the users (individuals and/or groups) made bandwidth allocation very easy and effective. After a year we replaced the software with the e3.ARMMS 3120 Kerio Control Box. The hardware gave more options to us for alternate routing, VSAT, shore and 3/4G load balancing, built in anti-virus and restricted content filtering. The list is long. I would recommend this solution to any system administrator network operator.

Thomas Doma

ETO, (M/Y St Nicolas)

Graham Bell

Captain, (M/V De-De)

e3 has been our provider for our Speedcast VSAT service, both in the Med and also the USA, Caribbean, central America and west coast of Mexico.

We have found the service very reliable, and I don’t remember a time that we have not had coverage. I also found it very flexible, being able to increase the speed when we have owners onboard and then back down when they leave, all done by email. Also any technical questions were easily dealt with by a quick phone call to e3 Support. They also monitor our service with remote access.

I have no hesitation with recommending them.

When completing the build of this new vessel I met again with e3 after a successful introduction at the Monaco Yacht Show. They were excellent in listening to the requirements of the yacht’s functions and they recommended the most appropriate service for our vessel which in our case is from Airbus.

In fact they advised us to start on a lower package rather than start high. The package they suggested was superb.

I cannot speak highly enough of their service from sales, admin and through to installation. After a full and busy season cruising all over the Med I have not had to call e3 for any maintenance as the system worked flawlessly, which is a godsend for both Captains and Engineers.

The owner of the vessel, after many years of having experiencing substandard internet access and VOIP on other vessels, is finally working with a company that can meet our demanding requirements.

I find working with them means I can relax and have confidence that all my communication needs are met, and I look forward to many years working with them and enjoying all the latest developments in this fast moving area of yachting.

Martin Greatbanks

Captain, (M/Y Zazou)

Robert Dolling

Founding Partner & Director, VERPEKA DOLLING

AXANTHA II is a busy charter vessel and as such the need for varied levels of service exist, MARLINK was able to switch us up or down in speed and service level at relatively short notice and only billing for the periods used. This saved money and headaches, clients were able to enjoy exactly what service they desired and with no unnecessary costs being incurred.

Depending on location the vessel can have around 15 degrees of mast blockage so it was important to find a reputable service provider that could ensure interruption free data service. MARLINK was chosen for several reasons including the high number of satellites it maintains and the proven platform it uses for the auto switching feature. This gave the vessel an automated wide array of satellite choices no matter where she was located or where her mast blockage was due to anchor or berthing orientation. Throughout the seasons the vessel never suffered a single period without service for any reason and there was no need for any time consuming NOC contact to resolve issues – job well done!

We don’t need the levels of bandwidth required for a good media streaming experience all the time so it’s important that we have the flexibility to increase and decrease bandwidth with ease.

Likewise, only paying for services for the duration we spend in a region helps to keep costs reasonable, whilst still having sufficient bandwidth available for guest and crew connectivity at all times. In order to operate efficiently in terms of budget and capabilities, the flexibility we have with MARLINK for our connectivity is vital.

Robert Corcoran

Captain, (M/Y Samar)

David Honeybun

2nd Engineer, (M/Y Gene Machine)

Well, what can I say, the choice of moving our system to MARLINK was one of the best choices this yacht has made making the owners season problem free from VSAT. The auto tracking works perfectly since one of our biggest problems was mast blockage. All in all a great system and great support team at any hour if you need them.